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The uses of artificial turf for sports are spreading at a dizzying pace, so much so, that there are already many professional sports that prefer it.

Its possibilities are almost endless because it can be placed on almost any surface and thanks to its nature and its minimal maintenance is the best choice in a large number of areas.

In Verdepadel’s blog we want to explain in which sports synthetic grass can be used and why it is the best alternative.

Football fields

Until a few years ago the fact of placing artificial turf on a football fields was unthinkable but today the latest advances made in this material have made it reach a texture and appearance really similar to the natural one.

Golf and Mini Golf Courses

The golf course is undoubtedly the sport surface that needs more water.

This implies an enormous maintenance in terms of resources and water consumption. In this sense, the clear advantage of synthetic grass lies in the savings compared to the maintenance of natural grass.

Swingball courts

This sport is a mixture of three racquet games (tennis, padel and fronton). Among the advantages of using artificial turf in one of these courts is its great drainage capacity, the touch, the good cushioning, the bounce of the ball and of course the great cost savings in care.

Padel Courts

This is the sport of the moment.

The proliferation of new panel courts has been unstoppable that both sports centers and individuals who wish to install one at home are considering what which is why it has become the best alternative in terms of quality and savings. Tennis Courts

Among the advantages of installing this type of grass we can highlight the lower maintenance required not only in terms of saving water but also that after each game it is not necessary to sweep the court, it is much more resistant to wear and tear and does not stain the players’ clothes and shoes.

These are some of the most widespread uses of artificial turf for sports and with which Verdepadel can help you as expert manufacturers and installers.

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