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Padel Court Glass Replacement

Urgent service of substitution and replacement of glass for Padel Courts

Urgent service of substitution and replacement of glass for Padel Courts

In our warehouses in Alicante we have sufficient stock of tempered glass in various sizes and in two thicknesses: 12 and 10 mm ready to make any replacement urgently.


We only replace or substitute glass with approved material manufactured in Spain in accordance with the Spanish Padel Federation and the International Padel Federation.

We are also fast when it comes to changing the glass

With VerdePadel your court will be closed for as little time as possible

We offer you a guaranteed replacement of padel court glass, quality and durability assured

Padel Court Glass Replacement

Broken or damaged glass cannot be a reason to close a court for a long period of time.

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Padel Courts maintenance and glass replacement

Maintaining a paddle tennis court is not only about taking care of the artificial grass.

A good maintenance requires taking care of many more tasks and one of them is to carry out a proper maintenance of the glass

A safe padel court.

A court that is available for as long as possible.

Assures an optimal vertical surface that offers a high playing experience.

    When should you change the glass of a padel court?

    With proper maintenance and carried out by professionals, the tempered glass of a padel court can have a long life and its replacement cost can be prolonged by many years

    However, it is advisable to observe them frequently and in particular to pay attention to certain aspects :

    • The presence of cracks
    • Presence of incipient damage, especially in the anchorage area.
    • Transparency / opacity of each of the panels.
    • Plane and protrusions of the glass.

    If in doubt, it is advisable to change the glass of the court.

    In this way we guarantee the safety of the players and a high playing experience offered by an optimal surface of new, correctly installed and anchored glass

    Padel court glass replacement.