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Installation of Artificial Turf Tennis Courts

Pistas de tenis con césped artificial
Installation of Artificial Turf Tennis Courts

The installation of outdoor tennis courts is very common in housing estates and residential areas. The practice of this sport in summer or in geographical areas where the weather conditions allow tennis to be enjoyed for a large part of the year has helped the installation of tennis courts in their communal recreational areas

There are different options when it comes to installing a tennis court: clay tennis courts, synthetic resin tennis courts and grass tennis courts. Lately, it is very common to replace natural grass tennis courts with artificial turf or synthetic grass tennis court installations.

Synthetic grass tennis courts offer a dynamic game, with a low bounce of the ball and sometimes somewhat irregular, which leads to a game based on volleys.

More and more people are opting for artificial turf tennis courts. Among other things, the choice of artificial turf for tennis courts has the advantage of requiring less maintenance compared to clay or natural grass tennis courts, as the court does not have to be swept once the game is over, it is very resistant to wear and tear and does not stain players’ clothes or shoes.

In addition, as long as the installation of artificial turf on tennis courts is carried out by a professional team, the great drainage capacity of artificial turf tennis courts makes it possible to enjoy a tennis match as soon as it has finished raining, without having to worry about the poor state of the court.

Verdepadel, as a professional installation company of artificial grass tennis courts, guarantees a perfect finish on time and at a reasonable price.

We have a wide variety of artificial grass tennis courts, depending on the needs of the client, and a range of colours such as green artificial grass tennis courts, blue synthetic grass tennis courts, russet coloured artificial grass tennis courts, black synthetic grass tennis courts and also the striking fuchsia coloured artificial turf tennis courts.

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