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Padel Court Maintenance

Save future costs on premature turf replacement and extend the life of your Padel Court.

The right maintenance of a padel court will ensure something fundamental: that it stays as good as the first day (and even improves over time).

Specialised padel court maintenance teams

At VerdePadel we know how much a correct and well executed maintenance influences the life and playability of a padel court

That is why we have a specific and specialised team to perform these tasks that may seem routine, but are key in the life of a sports equipment such as a paddle tennis court

Your Padel Court, even better than the first day

Indeed, a properly maintained padel court in the hands of professionals specialised in the conservation of padel courts, improves over time

At VerdePadel we have the specific machinery for the cleaning and maintenance of padel courts.

Is the maintenance of padel courts expensive?

Not at all, it is a great (and necessary) investment, much more expensive is the premature change of grass that you will be forced to do if you don’t maintain your padel court.

Is it worth investing in the maintenance of your padel courts?

No doubt about it

But in addition to the economic factor there are more aspects that make it highly advisable to carry out regular maintenance of the padel courts

Saves money and prevents future cost overruns

Extends the life of the court by up to 50%.

Prevent injuries and make your court safe.

Maintain optimal ball bounce and playability.

Enjoy a clean, hygienic and keep the padel court free of fungus.