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Turnkey Padel Courts

You can rest assured, we take care of everything.

More than 2,000 courts built is a lot of courts.

But it is also a lot of accumulated experience, many problems solved and many satisfied customers with our solutions.

What is a ‘turnkey’ padel court?

Turnkey is a service that VerdePadel offers.

It is addressed to those clients who want to forget about problems and trust in our more than 18 years of experience designing and installing Padel Courts all over the world

Trust us and don’t worry about it.

We take care of everything from the civil works necessary for the construction of one or more padel courts to the complete installation of the court so that you can forget about everything

If you have a 10 x 20 meter area, you can have your paddle tennis court just by contacting us.

At VerdePadel we do few things, but what we do, we do very well.

Turnkey Padel Courts Projects

Pistas de Padel llave en mano

What are the advantages of contracting a “turnkey” padel court?

Peace of mind and security for you

Avoid headaches and gain peace of mind.

Don’t worry and forget about having to coordinate different companies and tasks.

Secure and limit the final cost of the work.

Reduce interferences between companies and avoid delays.

A single interlocutor with extensive experience in the construction of paddle tennis courts who will keep you promptly informed.