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On most occasions when clients contact us, the initial characteristic they want to know is the cost and prices for the construction of a padel court.

We then go on to evaluate other details, and this is where the real difference in padel court construction prices resides.

There are really many factors that influence the cost of building a padel court.

Let’s develop them.


Configure the court according to your needs and calculate the cost of the chosen court options.

Construction of a Padel Court: Cost and Prices

VerdePadel builds padel courts for all types of players: from professionals to beginners and children. All of them are built with independent modular systems using the strongest and most flexible materials on the market.

We have different models of padel courtsb>, with or without glass enclosure, depending on the type of structure you want: Panoramic, Brutux (Model 160) and Olimpia (Model 80) and the options to choose from.

What we at VerdePadel are very clear is that we will never build padel courts without minimum quality standards, so we summarize some of the characteristics that we consider necessary:

In all models the common characteristics are the following:

  • The structure is galvanized and oven-painted.
  • They comply with the regulations established by the Spanish Padel Federation.
  • The screws are made of stainless steel with plastic caps.
  • Néoprène joints.

As optional aspects, the construction of padel courts can have:

  • Artificial turf of fibrillated or monofilament type and with the colors: green, blue, tile, black and fuchsia.
  • The lighting columns can have 8 spotlights or 4 spotlights of 400 w each.
  • The enclosure can be with doors on both sides of the court or with free openings.
  • The tempered glass panels can be 10 and 12 mm thick, with 6 attachments to the structure in the 3 x 2 size and 4 attachments in the 2 x 2 size.

With all the mentioned characteristics, the price of the construction of a padel courtb> is between 15.000 € and 25.000 €.

Below we show you the different options of padel courts that can be built: Panoramix, Olimpia (Model 80) and Brutux (Model 140).

Tips for the construction of padel courts

The construction of high quality artificial turf padel courts is ideal for the practice of the sport of padel because of the absorption against possible impacts and falls and, in particular, because of the nice bounce of the ball and the texture of the padel player’s shoes.

Padel is a sport that has had a great acceptance and development in our country. It is a paddle sport and it is currently estimated that around two million people in Spain play padel.

It also has enormous growth potential.

When we talk about the construction of quality padel courts with artificial turf it is important to note that the thickness of the synthetic grass mats should not be as high as in a football stadium with artificial grass or excessively short as the feel and bounce of the ball should be pleasant and similar to natural grass.

Also, as a professional padel court construction company, we are not only dedicated to the construction but we also advise the client on the materials with which our padel court construction company to do the work: glass (glass) and wall (concrete) and that comply with all regulations and guarantees in force according to the various national and international Padel federations.

On the other hand, the maintenance of the padel courts, as long as it is done by a professional company that guarantees its quality, is relatively simple.

We are specialists in the construction and installation of sports facilities and padel courts.

Verdepadel is a company based in Spain dedicated to the construction and installation of all types of sports facilities and the maintenance of padel courts.

With extensive experience in the treatment and perfecting the installation of glass and metal structures, we specialise in the padel sector as well as all types of sports.

We have our own specialised workshop in San Vicente de Raspeig (Alicante) investing a lot of work and effort in research and resources for the optimisation of design and
manufacturing processes.


All our products are of high quality but with the best price.

Satisfaction guaranteed, helpful advice and customer service throughout the installation and
after-sales process.


We offer highly specialised but at the same time accessible technical advice and present innovative solutions adapted to each individual customer.


You will feel a great sense of peace of mind and security working with the leader, as well as dependability and integrity that extends to all the customers and suppliers we work with.

Our guarantee will cover all your needs, and our company will work hard to exceed your expectations all the way through the process.


A highly qualified team in the Design, Manufacture and Assembly as well as the verification of the whole process will be controlled at the place of execution to make sure the correct construction and installation of your padel courts.

Padel Court Construction Quote

Verdepadel, as a professional company and specialist in the construction of artificial turf padel courts all over Spain, offers its services with the guarantee of a long experience in the installation of sports courts and artificial grass.

The budget for the construction of padel courts depends on various factors such as the state of the surface where the padel court is to be installed or built, the material used in walls, beams and playing surface, etc … but to give you an approximate idea in Verdepadel we build a padel court from only 15.000 €.

If you wish to order the construction of padel courts or its maintenance you can contact us to obtain prices for the construction of padel courts.

Some of the works we have done

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