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In order to quote the price of a padel court in any location it is necessary, as in all types of work and construction, all its characteristics. These vary depending on various factors and /or customisations.

To build or renovate a professional Padel court is an important investment for clubs, gyms, communities or any type of place or surface where it is usual to find them…

Expanding a club or renovating a gymnasium to increase the offer requires to maximize the price of the padel court. This implies a series of decisions aimed at optimizing the investment to be made and one of them is the type of surface to be installed.

There are several options, from concrete, through artificial turf, to refinements such as those made in the Metro Padel tournament in Madrid and its synthetic flooring or clay courts that legend has it is possible to find in the Middle East.

Returning to Spain and with the current scenario, defining the best floor covering for a professional padel court means finding the surface that offers the best quality/price ratio and that is neither too expensive to acquire nor to maintain, as well as being low maintenance and very durable.

Although not everything is money, in terms of the price padel court, the look and finish of a good padel court is also important, it is important to know what is the best surface in terms of its contribution to the design and decoration of indoor or outdoor.

What is the perfect material for the floor of a padel court?

When building an indoor or outdoor padel court, we need a firm and solid surface.

The steel structure with the thick glass must be firmly bolted to the ground for its own safety. The base is there to absorb the impact loads involved in every Padel tournament. Direct installation on top of a tennis court is not suitable due to the lack of stability.

There are basically two foundation systems for a padel court. The most appropriate system in your case depends mainly on the soil structure where the foundation is to be built and the local building regulations. In this context, we would like to introduce you to the two most known systems.

Perimeter slab

In outdoor areas, loads must be supported on a perimeter slab. As a substructure for the playing surface, there are also different options, such as asphalt or porous concrete.

Important here is the drainage. The surface is intended to ensure that rainwater quickly runs off the field.

Reinforced concrete slab with pending

This system is very common and popular, but it does not provide adequate frost protection at low temperatures during the winter months.

For indoor use the floor should be checked prior to installation. If the floor is smooth and firm, you may not need to build a foundation.

Strip foundations and reinforced concrete slabs should be laid frost-free in accordance with local regulations.

In some countries, a padel court is considered a building and, as such, will probably require a building permit. However, there are differences between countries. In any case, we recommend that you talk to an architect or contractor to get the best advice.

For the finish of the whole installation, artificial grass is laid. For the price padel court, the quality, the finish, the durability, the design or the atmosphere, without a doubt the synthetic grass or artificial turf, there is no other better.

An expert tells you: at VerdePadel we are professionals in all types of sports facilities, residential and public or private works. If you want to install artificial turf, or want to buy artificial turf, let the best advise you!.

Padel court construction, How is the construction process?

VerdePadel is a padel court construction company. We build padel courts, glass (glass) and wall (concrete) that comply with all regulations and guarantees in force according to the various national and international federations of Padel.

The installation of artificial turf padel courts is ideal for the practice of the sport of padel because of the absorption against possible blows and falls and, above all, for the pleasant bounce of the ball and the texture to the padel player’s footsteps.

VerdePadel is a company dedicated to the design and construction of sports facilities, the installation of playgrounds and the installation of artificial turf for sports courts and decorative or residential artificial turf.

If you want to order the construction of padel courts or its maintenance please contact us and ask for a free quote to get the best prices for the construction of padel courts.

Process of construction and installation of padel courts

Below are the steps to follow for the construction of padel courts that we perform as a professional padel court installation company:

  • Unloading of materials that make up a padel court: Enclosure modules, glass set, silica sand and artificial turf rolls.
  • Once the padel court has been laid out on the concrete slab, the padel court enclosure modules begin to be erected.
  • Placement of the glass in the corresponding modules.
  • Laying of the artificial turf rolls.
  • Side dressing of the artificial turf rolls for padel courts.
  • Cutting of the synthetic turf to extract the necessary strip for the marking line.
  • Laying of geotextile strip between the artificial turf panels.
  • Spreading of bio component polyurethane glue on the strip.
  • Laying of the marking lines.
  • Spreading of silica sand.
  • Spreading the silica sand on the artificial turf with mechanical means to achieve homogeneity over the entire surface.
  • Final review by hand

Padel court price: How much does the construction of padel courts cost?

Actually the budget or the padel court price for its construction depends on several factors such as the state of the surface where you are going to install or build the padel court, the material used in walls, beams and playing surface, etc … but to give you an approximate idea in VerdePadel we make the construction of a padel court from only 15,000 €.

If you are looking for a company to build padel courts or for its maintenance contact us and ask for a free quote to get prices for construction of padel courts.

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