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Padel Court Maintenance

It is amazing how successful padel is in our society. It is a sport practiced by thousands of people and as a general rule they dedicate many hours of play.

As in any sport, good facilities can make the hours of play more intense. The secret of having optimal facilities is in the maintenance of padel courts.

We all know that any facility, with good maintenance, lasts much longer and will always be in perfect condition. This will make the playing experience much more enjoyable.

Without proper padel court maintenance, players can slip, the surface will not drain well, the balls will not bounce properly and many more inconveniences that will hinder the game.

There are many things that we must take into account to perform a proper maintenance of padel courts. The first thing is the care of the artificial turf pavement.

Its care and maintenance are essential for many reasons such as safety, quality of play, durability and aesthetics.

It has also been shown that poor maintenance of padel courts causes the pavement to deteriorate at a faster rate

Padel court maintenance

The maintenance of artificial turf padel courts consists of 5 steps.

Cleaning: It is important to perform a periodic cleaning of the artificial grass pavement, and proceed to the removal of leaves, seeds and all kinds of debris that can decompose and damage the surface of the court. In Verdepadel we offer you the best cleaning and maintenance possible thanks to our team of professionals and cleaning tools for this type of surfaces.

Redistribution of the sand : Once we have finished cleaning the court, we redistribute the sand with a brush.

We always brush the court in two perpendicular directions, longitudinally and transversally, so that the sand is well distributed and avoiding that some areas lack sand and can easily deteriorate, and that other areas are too covered and irregularities are formed, hindering the playing experience.

Elimination of fungus and moss : In each city of Spain we have different conditions, in some there is a lot of humidity and others are at high altitude. It is likely that in the shady and little used areas of the court fungus or moss may appear, so for prevention, in the cases that we consider necessary we will proceed to the application of a special fungicide suitable for artificial turf pavement.

Verification of the joints : In each maintenance session it is usual to check the joints of the court to ensure that there is no separation. In case there is any joint that needs to be repaired, it will be repaired immediately to avoid future complications.

Deep cleaning and decompaction of the surface : Finally, sometimes it is necessary to completely remove the sand from the artificial turf pavement, and we replace it with new sand, to improve the properties of the court and its drainage capacity.

Once we have done the maintenance of artificial turf padel courts, we continue checking the enclosures.

The enclosures that we install at Verdepadel are made with the best materials so that they can stop the attack of corrosion.

Even so, during the maintenance and care of the padel courts we always check that there is no damage to the facilities and, in the case of finding rust or any damaged part, we will repair it immediately.

We also check all the glass to make sure that there is no crack, if there is any crack in the glass we recommend not to use the court until we have changed the glass, as it can break due to temperature changes or collisions of the players.

Finally, we periodically clean the spotlights and lighting systems.

The basic maintenance of a padel court can be done by any user, but we recommend that at least quarterly a thorough cleaning and maintenance is done by a team of professionals.

Contact us if you are looking for a padel court maintenance quote or artificial grass padel court maintenance prices.

You will get a fast answer.

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