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When we talk about this sport the first thing we think about is the players but there are many other factors that make it possible to enjoy the games, we are talking about the grass for FOOTBALL.

Until a few years ago nobody asked the question we are asking today in this article but nowadays it is something we all ask ourselves and it is not for less, the installation of the grass in a football field is vital for the development of the game to be adequate.

When we watch matches on television it is very common to hear how the commentators make notes about the state of the grass: if it is too wet, if it is too high or too low, if there are unevenness or holes that make it difficult for the ball to roll…, without a doubt, the conditions of the field directly affect the game and that is why it is so important to pay attention to this aspect.

Turf for football fields

In sports centres and even in professional soccer fields we can find natural or artificial turf surfaces, in fact, depending on the type on which the match is going to be played, players wear one type of boot or another.

There is a popular belief that natural football stadiums are better than synthetic grass pitches, but this is a mistake. The latest advances made in the manufacture of artificial turf have made this has reached an appearance, texture and hardness very similar to the natural and have even been observed advantages of synthetic grass over natural grass as far as soccer is concerned.

The main advantage of artificial turf for soccer fields over natural grass is its resistance to weather conditions, as it remains without bald patches, without mud, it does not freeze… Another great advantage is its maintenance, much cheaper and simpler, in fact, it has been shown that an artificial field requires 90% less water than a natural grass field, which directly completely flat and does not interrupt the rotation of the ball.

Artificial turf is gradually being implemented in professional football fields such as the Luzhniki stadium in Moscow, which has found in this its best ally to face the difficult climate.

At Verdepadel we are professionals in the manufacture of synthetic turf for soccer fields as well as its installation,.

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