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The facilities and virtues of synthetic sports turf are such that more and more sports centers are opting for it.

Tell us your sport and we will tell you which is your ideal artificial turf. There are many types of sports. That’s why we have a type of VerdePadel synthetic grass for every sport.

VerdePadel’s wide range of products ensures that there is a synthetic turf system designed to meet the demands of almost every sport.

Whether it’s a soccer team looking for protection and durability, a tennis team looking for a clay-like game, a Padel team needing realistic bounces or a field field hockey team….

Whatever sport your team plays, there is a VerdePadel product ready to have a perfect field.

During the last few years, sports clubs and public sports facilities have significantly increased the number of artificial turf installations in their infrastructures.

This fact is not fortuitous and is based on rational arguments such as the low maintenance cost, the multiple usability options and the great durability of this type of turf.

All this has an impact on the profitability of the facilities and the quality of the service provided.

Great versatility of spaces and durability of artificial grass.

The great advantage of artificial sports turf is that it can be installed in almost any space and it also has a great durability.

It can be placed indoors without losing any of its properties and, in the case of outdoor use, it is not conditioned by weather conditions.

The number of hours of use of sports surfaces with synthetic turf is multiplied by three compared to surfaces with natural grass. A synthetic turf field can easily reach 250 hours of use on average per season.

Simple maintenance for synthetic fields.

The maintenance of synthetic sports turf is considerably simpler than that of natural grass.

Simply brushing the strands, removing loose blades and spreading silica sand is all that is required, and there is no need for irrigation!

Nor does it require a great deal of maintenance since it does not require mowing or weeding.

Of course, it does not require the hiring of specialized personnel or gardeners. The daily maintenance can be carried out by any operator without any difficulty.

An artificial turf sports field does not get waterlogged on rainy days thanks to the tiny holes in the backing that joins the synthetic turf to the ground. This backing also prevents the possible attack of moles.

Important ecological value of synthetic sports turf

The ecological value of synthetic turf should be highlighted, since it does not require irrigation, thus avoiding the waste of water. Nor does it produce CO2 emissions or require pesticides.

This, in the long run, will improve the environment of the sports facility and the players’ experience.

Also important is the space saving involved in the installation of an artificial turf sports field, which allows the surplus space to be invested in other activities and services.

A turf free of chafing and discomfort

One of the biggest stigmas that is unfairly associated with artificial turf is that of possible burns or scratches that players may suffer due to its hardness.

This fact was overcome some time ago.

Currently, the elements that make up synthetic turf have evolved to almost completely reduce the heat produced by rubbing against human skin.

The synthetic fibers and infill are manufactured specifically with products that are not aggressive to the skin.

And it should not be forgotten that a great deal of effort has gone into ensuring that the artificial turf dyes do not fade and stain clothing.

The advantages of synthetic sports turf only increase as its technology increases. On our website you will find examples of all our work in sports centers.

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